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Bally's Acquires Pro Beach Volleyball Tour

Bally's Acquires Pro Beach Volleyball Tour

Sportsbook operator Bally's acquires pro beach volleyball tour. It hopes that the move will find and engage customers. The Association of Volleyball Professionals maintains the longest-running beach volleyball tour in the United States. 
Bally's plans to gamify watching beach volleyball games. Also, it would incorporate interactive content during broadcasts. Thus, it would bring more traffic to the company's online sports betting platforms. 
The sportsbook operator will use the Bally Sports Regional Sports Networks to improve awareness of the AVP league. On the other hand, the acquisition would enhance the growth of beach volleyball. Despite the change in ownership, AVP CEO Donald Sun will keep his position. 

Bally's Acquires Pro Beach Volleyball

According to bookie tutorials and news sites, Bally's acquired all assets of AVP. The assets include trademarks, digital video and photo assets, AVP promoter deals and membership revenue, and its proprietary league and tournament management software. 

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Chicago Cubs Hoping to Extend Streak

The best pay per head bookie sportsbooks are busy with upcoming baseball games, particularly that of the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs are aiming to open a five-game series with a win when they will host the Miami Marlins tonight. Will the Cubs be able to squeeze in some rest to start this new series and extend their streak?

The Cubs arrived last night from New York, winning a 4-game streak. Their exciting finale ended 2-0, where Javier Baez hit a two-run homer, while Kyle Hendricks amazingly pitched 6 scoreless innings. That was Hendricks’ 7th winning start in a row.


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NHL Stanley Cup Futures

NHL Stanley Cup FuturesThere is just one week remaining in the 2021 NHL season, and the playoffs begin soon. Now is a great time to take a look at the Stanley Cup Futures betting odds and other wagers on the NHL betting menu.

These odds have been changing throughout the season, but they are pretty well set now. As teams get eliminated, they will change yet again, which is why now is the best time to bet.

There are three main categories of teams, and there is a pretty clear break between each group. It’s up to you to determine which category to focus on and which team to back, but here are the current odds.

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How Gambling Has Changed

How Gambling Has ChangedThe evolution of gambling is not a passing fancy, it’s here to stay. Normally we don’t tell anybody how to run their life, however, we are taking this opportunity to let you know how to earn a fantastic living as a bookmaker.

There are simple solutions, and you need to latch onto them. The pay per head industry has made the life of bookies much easier with their software solution that is more than a problem solver. The best news, this software is affordable, user friendly, and you can have it installed in a day or two.

You must stop thinking about the old and come up with a new plan for the immediate future. You can be earning a six-figure income, and you can earn it in 2021. The year is young! Gamblers are gambling now, more than ever and certainly more than before the pandemic.

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What is the NBA Play-In Tournament?

The NBA Play-In Tournament is not so unfamiliar to NBA fans and those who know where to bet on sports. This tournament was first tested last year in the 2020 NBA Restart. The season was interrupted by the pandemic, so the league came up with an elimination tournament for teams that are seeded 7-10 in their respective conferences.

Here, these teams will be playing in elimination-style games, and the final winners will enter the postseason. Any sportsbook pay per head business model will anticipate changes in sports events, and bookies have had no problems adjusting to this new tournament. The Play-In Tournament will be from May 18 up to May 21.

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A Bettor’s Perspective of the 2021 MLB Season

The 2021 MLB season is nearly two months old, and betting trends have been established for baseball bettors. Of course, things can still change over the next four months, but some things appear to be pretty clear.

2020 was a strange year to bet on baseball for a number of reasons. First, no fans meant little home-field advantage, and COVID-19 affected rosters seemingly every week.

Now that the 2021 MLB season is being played under more normal conditions, betting on the sport should improve. So here is a look at the current season with an angle on baseball betting.


Read more: A Bettor’s Perspective of the 2021 MLB Season is Restructuring their Business with Lower Pay Per Head Prices is Restructuring their Business with Lower Pay Per Head, the leading Sportsbook Pay Per Head provider in the industry is changing its price per player model.  The typical model for a bookie Pay Per Head company is to charge a weekly fee for each active gambler. The price range for these services is usually from $3 to $25 per player. However, is Restructuring their Business with Lower Pay Per Head Prices per player.

How the company is changing from its typical price of $5 per player is by using a pricing chart. With the pricing chart, the cost will depend on the number of active players they have each week. The company is quick to point out that their new pricing system will not increase their already low prices. Instead, the new pricing system will only lower the price for their clients. Thus, the highest clients will pay is $5 per player and prices can go as low as $2 per player.

The new business model for the company aims to tie their profits directly with their clients. Their new motto is “Your Success is Our Success. Therefore, if a sportsbook or gambling operator does well, they want to share the profits with their clients. Meaning, the better a client does, the lower their operating cost will be when they use the Pay Per Head Services.

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