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Football Betting TutorialsInterested in learning how to bet on football?  Then take a look at our easy to use football betting tutorials where you will learn everything there is to know about football gambling.

Whether youre looking to learn how bet on the NFL, college football, the Canadoan Football League or just to learn about football betting strategies, these tutorials will definitively improve your betting bankroll.

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Betting NFL Props

Betting NFL PropsWhat makes NFL betting even more exciting? NFL proposition bets.

Aside from traditional moneyline, spread, and totals bets on individual games, prop bets add some additional flair to games. Not all prop bets are made the same though and the variety of them adds an additional layer of fun.

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Types of NFL Props

Not all prop bets are created equal. There are NFL player props which are those bets on a certain player and an outcome in a game. For example, you can bet on a quarterback throwing over or under a certain amount of passing yards or touchdown passes.

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What lines should you look for when betting the NFL

What lines should you look for when betting the NFLBetting on the NFL is fun, exciting, and rewarding if you find the right games, the right lines, and if you strike while the iron is hot. Finding a great online sportsbook to bet with is vital. If you want the best lines and odds, you must shop around. Start by checking out player forums, gambling forums, and especially NFL betting forums. Word of mouth is a valuable resource and what other gamblers are saying can be gold. Use these forums to your advantage and find great advice through gamblers who have been there.

The age-old question is this… Is it worth my time and money to pay someone for picks or to pay a pick site for picks and advice? The short answer is yes, it can be, however, you must be careful, and you must check out the reputation of the forecaster or the forecasting site.

You wouldn’t want to pay someone for picks that have a 2-24 record on the year! Of course not, however, some handicappers are in this gig for the long haul and they may have a 9-17 record this season but have a 50-30 record last season.

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College Football Betting Tips – The Influence of the CFP Rankings

College Football Betting Tips – The Influence of the CFP RankingsLast week the initial CFP Rankings were released with heavy criticism – not only for having two SEC teams ranked in the Top 4, but also having several undefeated teams ranked lower than a pair of one-loss teams (Alabama and Notre Dame).

We do believe there is such a thing as “SEC Bias” – however that bias occurs in the preseason and early season rankings. When teams like Auburn and Georgia are ranked in the Top 10, and then teams like Missouri and Arkansas are in the Top 25 to start the season, then when the “real” SEC teams beat those teams they lay claim to having quality wins vs. ranked opponents and it gives the impression of a harder schedule.

We’re not here this week to bash the SEC – in fact we believe College Football is having a down year overall – but these rankings do have a big impact on how the online sportsbooks make their lines on games involving these teams.

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College Football Bowl Betting Strategy

CFB Bowl Betting StrategyHandicapping College Bowl games is completely different than handicapping a regular season College Football game. Every team plays with extra rest and all factors related to scheduling don’t apply. Add in the vast majority of teams playing on a true neutral field, and the remaining factors left to handicap are whittled down to on-field matchups and motivation.

We’ll start with motivation factors that are specific to College Bowl season. One thing that isn’t really hard to figure out is how a team feels about being in the Bowl game they are playing in.

Sometimes teams that don’t reach the postseason are extremely happy “just to be here.” Other times, big name programs that are coming off a disappointing season are not happy about being in a minor bowl game.

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NFL Betting Tutorial: Week 1 Overreactions

NFL Betting Tutorial: Week 1 Overreactions If we based NFL Football teams solely on their opening week performance, then Tennessee would be considered the best team in the league while preseason darlings Indianapolis, Seattle, and Philadelphia would all be out of the running.

While it’s easy to base our opinion of NFL teams on their Week 1 performance, this is a dangerous and avoidable tendency that tends to influence our perceptions of these teams for the next few weeks.

The first thing to consider is the opponent. Tennessee build a 35-7 halftime lead and went on to win by a blowout 42-14 winning margin over the Tampa Bay Bucs – on the road no less.

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