Pay Per Head Review

Print Pay Per Head ReviewWhat makes PayPerHead different from other PPH providers? For starters, PayPerHead is one of the oldest per head companies in existence. In our PPH review, we study whether the per head organization delivers value for the price.

The leading PayPerHead company has come a long way since 1997. On their website, they claim to provide sports betting tech services to 75,000 bookie agents. 

PayPerHead also claims to have the best bookie software available. We take a closer look at why the PPH company believes it’s the leader in providing bookmaking software solutions. Information General Info

  • Inception: 1997
  •  Price: $10.99 - $13.00
  •  Email: Contact Us
  •  Telephone: 1-800-605-4767
  •  Live Chat Available: Yes
  •  Website:
  •  Location: Costa Rica Services

  •  Service: Bookie Pay Per Head
  •  Products: Sports betting, live betting, online casino, live dealer casino and racebook
  •  Private Website: Available
  •  Software: ASI and DGS
  •  Telephone Wagering: yes
  •  Security: HTTPS, Encrypted data and firewall PPH Review

The website design attracts more than their competitors. A real marketing company appears to be behind the design. It’s easy to know right away what PayPerHead believes is their value proposition. This is not an organization looking to be the low-cost leader. 

We know this because unlike some other per head providers, doesn’t start with price. In fact, we don’t find any mention of rates on their home page except for a single marketing statement: Prime Pay Per Head Software = More Money in Your Pocket.

The company’s value proposition is to  pay a bit more per head for the best software because that will translate to bookies making more profit.  

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Registering with

It was easy to sign-up. The only thing bookies must do is enter their first and last name, their email, a contact phone number, and confirm that they’re an actual human.

Once a bookie does sign up to become an agent, someone from the sales department will call. The sales staff is aggressive. That may bother some people. It didn’t bother us.

An aggressive sales staff implies confidence. This organization believes in its software. Should it? 

Sportsbook Software Review of

The answer to that is a resounding “yes.” Too often pay per head companies think about things from a player’s point-of-view. Pay Per Head ServiceAlthough players must have access to viable sports betting platforms or else bookies won’t make money, bookies are a per head company’s clients. Not sports bettors.

With that in mind, PayPerHead has created sportsbook software specifically for bookies. Don’t get us wrong, the betting platforms work and are great. But the way separates itself from the pack is with its excellent sportsbook management technology.

The most important? PayPerHead’s Agent Payment Solution (APS®). The financial transaction interface allows players to deposit in cryptocurrency or traditional currency. It allows bookie agents to make payments and collections in both cryptos and regular currency.

There’s also a layoff account so bookies can keep more bookie fees, or juice. There’s a line mover and for Prime, PayPerHead’s best package, bookies can get competitive rates on a live dealer casino.

The customer service is excellent while the sales team can answer any question a bookmaker might have. PPH Rating: 9.4

Why Received this Rating

The rating is high, but there’s a reason why. First, the sportsbook software is excellent. The Agent Payment Solution alone takes PayPerHead to the top of the class.

Second, PayPerHead is one of the few organizations that understands bookies. The company’s current promotion allows bookies to use their Basic sportsbook software for free until major sports return. Then, bookies can keep using the software for free for 2 weeks after major sports return.

This is a pay per head organization that believes so much in its sports betting tech that it’s not afraid to give it away for a long free trial. That says a lot about how much feels its sportsbook software can help bookies.

Based on our experience, PayPerHead has every right to feel that way.  

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