9DollarPerHead.com PPH Review

9DollarPerHead.com PPH ReviewWhen you visit 9DollarPerHead.com, you know right away that you’re dealing with a professional PPH provider. In fact, most bookie pay per head reviews agree that 9DollarPerHead.com has high-quality sportsbook software and responsive customer service. 
The bookie pay per head provider has been around since 2012. It is during the time of the rise in popularity of PPH solutions among bookies. Although it is not a pioneer in the industry, it brought many innovations that improved its efficiency and quality throughout the years. 
This pay per head review will look at the software, customer service, and overall experience of using 9DollarPerHead.com. We’ll take a closer look at its pros and cons that can help you come up with the right decision. 

9DollarPerHead.com Information

9DollarPerHead.com General Info:

  • Price Per Player: $9
  • Country: Costa Rica
  • Inception: 2012
  • Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Telephone: 1-866-500-4847
  • Website: www.9dollarperhead.com
  • Software: DGS
  • Ranking: 9.0/10

Features of 9DollarPerHead.com

  • Sports Betting
  • Live Betting
  • Online Casino
  • Live Casino
  • Racebook
  • Phone Wagering
  • Mobile Wagering
  • Private Website Available

9DollarPerHead PPH Review

After trying out the pay per head sportsbook solution, we are satisfied with its features and services. Its affordable price might not be the cheapest on the market today, but it gives good value for your money. 

Registering with 9DollarPerHead.com

Creating an account with 9DollarPerHead.com is easy. You just need to create a profile and start operating a sportsbook. You can easily navigate through the website and find what you are looking for. 

Sportsbook Software Review of 9DollarPerHead.com

Its bookie software runs smooth and efficient. It allows you to add players and monitor their activities. Also, the company provides a call center for its clients’ players. This is good if your players run into some type of issue while making bets, depositing money, or cashing out.  

9DollarPerHead.com PPH Rating: 9.0


Why 9DollarPerHead.com Received this Rating

While 9DollarPerHead is a little expensive than other providers, it comes with extra features including phone wagering and live casino. It stands out from its competitors because of its user-friendliness and good reputation. That’s why it is one of the providers we recommend to our readers.